Evolution Of Art Installations

Art Installations were not a common feature to be found in the past years – but nowadays, you’ll quickly come across art installations everywhere! And boy, they’re magnificent works of art! The amount of creativity, the effort that goes behind this gigantic installations is just unimaginable. And to add to it, installation artists are experimenting with lots of materials too, making these larger than life works of art even more stunning!

Have you ever wondered where this trend picked up form? Read on to know the hows and whens of Art Installations!


History of Art Installations:


Art Installations were scarcely visible in the late 1960s. Those days, these art installations were admired but didn’t really have many takers. Conceptual Art is the base idea, upon which Art Installations were developed. Pioneers of Art installations include famous artists – Allan Kaprow and Wolf Vostell.


Typical Qualities of an Art Installation:-

Ability to mesmerize:
All art installations are created with one sole objective – to hold up admirers gazes in awe! Art installations use a dash of bright colors, oddly shaped objects, themes, materials – everything to create a work of art that will end up impressing masses – that’s the very soul of art installations, and the artists work towards bringing illusions into reality!


Larger than life:
A pint-sized model is not going to impress as much a vast, magnanimous and giant structure will! And that’s precisely why art installations are enormous! Some of these art installations have people craning their necks – to have the best look – that is the size of these art installations!


Inspired by – anything and everything:
That’s the beauty of art – it can be picked up from any random thing you can see around you! And the same goes with art installations – the inspiration behind them can range from something very simple and silly to something complicated and intricate! The primary challenge is to bring these ideas into reality which the artists manage to do with perfect precision!



Most of the art installations are site-specific – the idea behind them will be drawn from the place they are to be installed in. Site-specific art installations have both plus and minus points- from the point of the artist. The pro is that the idea is right in front of the artist, he has just to pick the right idea and implement it. The con includes the fact that this can be restrictive and the artist has limited scope to explore ideas. But again, artists love challenges – and that’s precisely why site-specific art installations turn out to be more stunning!


Post Author: Thomas