Things Employees Wants In Office

If you own a business, you have to take care of all your stakeholders. And your employees are the most important stakeholders. They are in fact, more than stakeholders – they are the assets of your company. And they should be your prime focus because nothing can replace a hardworking workforce. So you need to do everything you can to keep them happy and give them a comfortable workplace. And if you’re wondering how you’re going to do that, we have a list of things which you could consider introducing in your office right away:


Comfortable seating:


Your employees spend so many number of hours in their workplace – so they deserve chairs that will make them want to sit on them! Depending on the kind of work you have in your office, introduce chairs which will make sitting for prolonged hours easy.


Standing tables:
While functional tables are the in-thing, you also need to introduce standing tables which employees can switch over to and continue working when they’re bored of sitting around their desks all day. Ergonomics is an essential part of the workplace, and you have to pay attention towards even the smallest of all details.



Add some color in the office – it helps to cheer up the mood. Aldo few quotes – funny, motivational, sarcastic can add a dash of fun if displayed at regular intervals. The workplace is a second home for your employees – so make sure it’s fun too!


A cafe that serves tea, coffee and refreshments are welcome! Most employees love having cafe’s around – it will fuel your employees all day long and keep them active too. Make sure you take a majority vote as to what has to be included in the cafe and then take the final call.


Free temperature access:
Most of the workplaces are fully air-conditioned – and not everyone is comfortable with it! So make all areas of your office free to access, and make sure the specific temperature covers a specific area. The employees are free to choose which area and temperature are best suited to them.


A good restroom:


This is something every employee puts on priority. Clean, hygienic washrooms with essential amenities are what employees expect, so make sure you make the arrangements as required. It may cost a lot, but if it’s necessary, get it done right away.

So have you set your priorities?

Post Author: Thomas