Sights To Soak In During Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

In 2019 there is a growing demand for visitors and travellers who want to maximise their holiday to the US and see the Grand Canyon helicopter tour as a perfect activity.

We have all seen the pictures and postcards for years and watched television shows and movies that have used this stunning natural environment for their showpiece event.

The good news for those singles, groups or couples who register for this adventure is that there is plenty to see when flying through the skies.

Yes there are practical considerations to make and accommodations that must be prioritized, including luggage, preparing for a 4-hour journey, the threat of motion sickness and being ready to listen to the pilot as they guide participants through the desert.

Yet the rewards are there for all to see and we will pinpoint what to look for outside the windows before strapping in and beginning a trip of a lifetime.


The Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam situated along the Colorado River is one of the all time great attractions that can be seen during a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. President Franklin D. Roosevelt would instigate this development when it began in earnest way back in 1931, creating a world first for a hydroelectric power station that has stood proudly ever since. At 650 feet thick sitting at the base and erected 726 feet high, you won’t miss it.


West Rim

west rim

Those stunning pictures of couples who land following a Grand Canyon helicopter tour will often sport the West Rim in the background. This natural landmark is home to a number of activities and sites of its own, including Eagle Point, the Zip Line, Hualapai Village and various skywalk and jeep tours. It is something else to take in from the skies but once on land, there is plenty to cherish.


Lake Mead

The largest water reserve in the United States of America can be sourced at Lake Mead. This reservation sits along the Colorado River and it is one of the hot button sightings during a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. Spanning an area of 640 km², there happens to be a number of unique and unusual natural sights including various ruins that can be found around the environment. To earn an appreciation of Lake Mead it is worthwhile soaking in the Grand Canyon helicopter tour first before embarking on a solo adventure.



The Skywalk is one of the all time great features that has to be seen to be believed. This will only take place for participants of a Grand Canyon helicopter tour who touch down on the ground and register ahead of time. It offers guests a complete 360 degree view of the surrounds from above, around and down, so you might have to have a healthy amount of courage or no fear of heights to take part. Enjoy a picture as a souvenir of the trip.



Taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour will be remembered and cherished as a thrilling and enthralling experience that incorporates too much for a single journey. Especially for those visitors that book in from overseas or a long distance away from Arizona State, this is an endeavour that illustrates what natural splendours are out there in the world and what we can enjoy without indulging in artificial entertainment.

For those that want to stop over, stretch the legs and prolong their stay in the region, there is plenty to see and do. From tracking the Bright Angel Trail, visiting the picturesque Havasu Falls, checking out the iconic Grand Canyon Railway or saving a position with the Colorado River Rafting teams, there is something to see and do for everyone.

Post Author: Thomas