Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A New Hot Water Cylinder

Your household hot water cylinder is one of the most things in your household. They provide the gift of heated H2O which can definitely go along in the winter months but also help with basic living needs like doing the dishes and laundry. If you are looking at buying a new hot water cylinder from The Cylinder Guy or repairing your existing one there are some factors that you should consider beforehand.

This article will aim to address those issues so you are fully aware of all the aspects that goes into buying a new hot water cylinder.


heaterThe size

How big your hot water cylinder will be is a very important factor that you need to keep in mind when making your purchase or decision. For starters you need to know how big you need to ensure that your household has to proper heating properties. Households that have several people may need a larger model while others with only one or two people will require a smaller one. Finding that sweet spot is important as getting a model that is too small will result in a lot of upset people over a cold shower. While getting one that is too large can be wasteful as you are paying for all that heating and only using a small amount of it.

With that in mind the size of your hot water cylinder will also dictate where it will be installed. You need to be aware where your system will be installed before making your final decision as the space constraints could play an important role. Ask a professional where they need to be installed and what is the best course of action to take in this situation.


What brand to go with

Everyone may have their own preference when it comes to choosing a brand but you should keep an open mind. While you may be loyal to a particular hot water cylinder brand, the industry is forever changing and newer and better models are coming onto the market all the time. Do your own research before you chat with someone over the phone or walk into a store. They may have a partnership with a particular brand which leads them to pushing a certain model.

Regardless of what brand you are choosing you should always ensure that your purchase comes with a warranty. The leading brands for these systems do provide up to 10 year warranties it is always important to ask before you rush into your final decision.


The installation process

Many people get all macho over the idea of hiring someone to do a manual labour job. However, installing your hot water cylinder shouldn’t be one of those situations merely because things could get messy. These heating systems are complex and require an installer with the proper experience and expertise to install them correctly. When you go with a trained professional you can rest assured knowing that not only is all the hard work done for you, it will be installed correctly the first time.

Another important thing to keep in mind when you are getting a professional to install your system is that they have insurance. If something were to go wrong during the installation process, either they damage the system or it isn’t installed properly, you will be covered. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, set it up wrong and then it damages your property. Not only will you be out of luck, you will be also out of pocket the repair costs and any additional costs to fix the unit.

Post Author: Thomas